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Print ISBN: ISBN-13 978-1612185958

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Romantic Times Reviews 09/2012 - "The camaraderie of a small town is captured in all its glory in this story of rediscovered love, lies and deceit. Trust comes in small doses and is lost just as easily as the clever plot unfolds, especially when unusual characters provide surprises." - RT Reviews, 4-stars

A book with a voice as southern as the author's. - 9/23/2012 - A friend of mine called this book "whole lot of love story and a little bit of mystery, with a southern drawl." (Thanks Pamela). Let me just say that her statement sums this book up so perfectly that I had to borrow it for my review as I couldn't think of anything better to say. Nancy Naigle is a great new voice in Southern lit. Her first novel, Sweet Tea and Secrets, is a delightful read which takes place in a small Southern town where everyone knows everyone else. The main protagonist, Jill, returns home to settle the estate of her grandmother, who was loved and known by all in the town. While there, she meets up with her ex-fiance and, well, you know the drill. While there are no great surprises in the book, the story is enjoyably easy to read and flows with a smoothness that is reminiscent of an afternoon on a porch sipping mint juleps, or sweet tea in deference to the title. I found the characters were easy to love, or hate, as required by the story, and found myself wanting to be immersed in the warmth and culture of Adams Grove. I will definitely be reading more of Ms. Naigles Adams Grove books and in fact, have already read the second book, Out of Focus, which I enjoyed as much as this one.

A strong summer read. - 7/28/2012 - Sweet Tea and Secrets was a great summer read. I thoroughly enjoy Nancy Naigle's writing style and voice. Her characters are real. Jill and Garrett are wonderfully warm and human, as is the late Pearl, whose presence is strongly felt despite her permanent address in the cemetery. For the story and writing, I would give five stars.

From the beginning the author had me with her touching tale, March 15, 2012 By "jotsandtittles"
Sweet Tea and Secrets (An Adams Grove Novel)
From the beginning the author had me with her touching tale of a woman and her Grandmother. The story unfolded to reveal all that was wonderful and sinister in Adams Grove. A small town with all it had to offer in the way of friendships, mystery, romance and stirred together with a bit of sweet tea! This author can sure spin a tale cleverly disguised and always surprising. The end was truly unexpected and left me waiting for more stories from the quiet little neighborhood and it's interesting residents. Her book Out of Focus is another Adams Grove and Nancy Naigle delight!

ALLE WELLS of North Carolina reviewed Sweet Tea and Secrets on her blog and posted Amazon with a 5-star rating.
Many novels try to capture the magic of southern country charm, but "Sweet Tea And Secrets" nails it, hands down. The people of Adams Grove are truly southern, right down to the woven placemats and the dreaded sunburn. Step inside the church fellowship hall or join the Fourth of July picnic and find Pearl's Blue Ribbon Chocolate Pecan Pie and Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies. "Sweet Tea And Secrets" is the South I know and love, filled with strong, intelligent, and heartwarming people who, sometimes, open their hearts to strangers even when they shouldn't. Read the whole review posted on 3/11/12 at allesreviews.blogspot.com

Sweet Tea and Secrets is a charming tale about love and following your heart, delightfully sweetened with a touch of mystery. A dulcet read with a cup of tea. ~Amy Read the whole review at IndieReader.com.See the Huffington Post article posted 1/4/2012 by clicking on the image

A delightful suprise on Christmas Day when USA TODAY's Happy-Ever-After blog mentioned Sweet Tea and Secrets as a recommended read for folks with new eReaders. Read the whole article posted 12/25/2011 by clicking on the image

Couldn't Put It Down, January 6, 2012 By Mary Kate "Teatime lover"
Sweet Tea and Secrets (An Adams Grove Novel) (Kindle Edition) Got this free book and read it in one day! I just moved right into Adams Grove and enjoyed the town and the people. Suspense and challenging mystery and sweet romance. I was lost for the day. Next day went directly to her second book, Out of Focus and finished it that day too. Not getting much done but am now waiting for Nancy Naigle to write another one.

Wendy Hines from says Sweet Tea and Secrets is a heart-warming romance set in the south with a twist of suspense. Attention to the details really sets the scenes and the quaint town, reminding me of my own small town upbringing, where everyone knows everyone and all of the gossip. Character development is exceptional and the story is adequately paced, keeping this reader entranced in their lives and their struggles.
Nancy Naigle has written a beautiful and entertaining novel sure to appeal to romantic suspense fans.
I found it delightful and highly enjoyed it! Click here to read the full review.

If you are looking for a sweet and fun mystery/romance, Sweet Tea & Secrets is the perfect read.
Read the whole review at Blogging by Liza .

Alicia Legg(reader) ...before you know it 100 pages have whizzed by in a flash. ...Naigle's writing is reminicent of Harper Lee with the small town southern charm mixed witha modern day romance and suspense similiar to Nora Roberts. It is a spell binding and hard to put down, yet once it is over you miss the characters. It makes you yearn for more and wish that a sequel was immediately handy just so you can get your Adams Grove fix. It is a must read for the beach, for a rainy day - for any moment in your life when you want a good book that will comfort you like a warm blanket. This is an ideal book for a book club. I can't wait to read more from Naigle.

4 butterfly rating from Beck at Beck's Book Picks...The author does a wonderful job with emotions through out this book. As a reader I found myself teary eyed at times and other times smiling. See the whole review here

Sunflower at Long and Short Reviews gave this book a 5-book rating.
...What is it about a small town that brings people back, no matter where they left to and what they went to do? The ending gives vague hints that there could be more stories set in this little town. I sure hope so, because I'd love another visit. Ms. Naigle writes characters that are engaging and fresh, a plot that is moving, romantic, mysterious, and emotional. It's perfect reading for the upcoming hot summer days, where sitting in the shade with your own glass of tea seems fitting.
Want my advice? Don't miss this charming and wonderful book. Sweet Tea and Secrets has a little bit of everything - romance, mystery, something that tugs on your heartstrings, and that wonderful happily ever-after that the romantic reader craves.
Read the whole review at LongAndShortReviews.Blogspot.com

Goodreads.com ..Sweet southern suspense... hometown characters to die for, a big ol' dog for a companion, and a mystery to unlock. Throw in a little romance, and what more could you want? Enjoyed every minute of Sweet Tea and Secrets. Read the whole review here.

SIZZLING HOT BOOKS says:: In Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle, you get to experience the town of Adam’s Grove. It is a town that I hope to get to visit again. The story of Jill Clemons and Garrett Malloy is an exciting and fun story. I really enjoyed Sweet Tea and Secrets. I am a Southerner and I loved the way that Sweet Tea and Secrets represented life in a small southern town. It was very accurate. Jill’s feeling at losing her grandmother also made me remember the feelings of losing mine, which to me makes this an incredibly well written story. I think the only thing that would have made this story better would have been if she gave out the recipe for the Chocolate Pecan Pie. I would really love that recipe.Note from Nancy: The recipe is in the trade paperback :)

Barbara Vey's PW Blog:: WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs (Read by Kym):: ...I found this book to have a small town, welcome home feel. Adding in the love of Grandma Pearl and suspense of finding out if Jill and Garret’s relationship works out, and will their lives be in jeopardy, made this book a page turner and a must read!

...You’ll love Garrett and Jill and Grandma Pearl. Even though dead, Pearl is a strong presence throughout this delightful sweet love story, spiced with suspense. Ms. Naigle has a distinct voice that will keep her on my “buy” list. I thoroughly enjoyed her debut novel.
Read the rest of the review here.

I loved it!!, January 1, 2012 By Robin Dix "Bookaholic" (Wakefield, MA) - This review is from: "...There is love, romance, deception, loyalty, attempted murder, and long standing friendships. If you enjoy a good love story with lots of mystery and mayhem you need to read this book. I enjoyed it so much I immediately downloaded the second book in this series, Out of Focus onto my Kindle and I can't wait to get immersed in it! " visit Amazon.com to see the whole review.

Book Diva Absolutely loved this book! ...This was also a suspense novel with twists and turns that you will not be able to anticipate or put down until you finish it! Oh, and I can't forget to mention the loveable, drooling, huge dog inherited from grandmother Pearl.
I am looking forward to this author's next book, who is someone to keep an eye on for romance/and suspense. Thanks for a great read!

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