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NEED A HERO? ~ Running list of winners

Thanks for joining in the fun on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and here on my blog for

Need A Hero?

I'll be listing the daily winners right here. So be sure to participate every day and then come back here to check to see if you're the winner...and celebrate.

  1. Feb 4 winner - Digital copy of The Marriage Match by Tracy March goes to Deborah Poston.

  2. Feb 5 winner - Congrats, Sandy Bartholomew - a digital copy of Sweet Tea and Secrets is on its way to you.

  3. Feb 6 winner: Digital copy of Wrapped Around Your Heart by Nancy Naigle and Tracy March - Geri Slavinsky.

  4. Feb 7 winner - BN100 you're the winner of tropical fun in TEMPTED IN THE TROPICS! This is so much fun!

  5. Feb 8 winner - Michelle Harlan - you're the winner of a digital copy of Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes. Enjoy!

  6. Feb 9 winner - Michelle Hayes ... must be a lucky Michelle week! You're getting a digital copy of A Shot of Red.

  7. Feb 10th winner - Deborah Walker is the winner of a digital copy of Barbecue and Bad News.

  8. Feb 11th winner - Karen Miller you are the winner of a copy of The Practice Proposal.

9. Feb 12th winner - Colleen C. your copy of Barbecue and Bad News is on the way.


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