Christmas Angels Excerpt

Enjoy this excerpt from CHRISTMAS ANGELS coming October 15th in trade paperback, all digital formats and audio, too!


Liz motioned for Dan to follow her to the kitchen island. “Look at this. I’m sure it’s my grandparents’ old place.”

“You haven’t been back there in what? Twenty years?” Dan pulled the computer closer and looked at the listing.

“Maybe fifteenish.”

“Nice. Yeah. Wait. What are you thinking?” Dan lifted his gaze, then cocked his head.

“You’re not seriously considering—”

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Angels Rest is practically mine.” Excitement forced her words out in a flurry. “So, how do I do this auction thing?”

“You don’t.” He closed the top of the computer, and handed her a barbecue sandwich. “Not without going to see the condition of the house and checking to make sure you’re not also buying old liens against the place.”

“There’s no time. It goes up for auction in the morning. I’ve read through the FAQ’s, it doesn’t look that complicated. I need to get a proof of funds letter from my banker before I can bid though.”

“You’re going to bid on this place sight unseen? I have to advise against it, Liz. That’s just plain crazy.” Dan ran a hand through his hair. “You’re always talking about situations being a ‘sign’; well, maybe this is a sign that you should let this crazy idea go once and for all.”

“No. It’s not a sign to let it go. Finding out the day before Angels Rest goes up for auction is a sign it’s meant to be.” She scooted closer to him and opened the laptop again. “Look at these. The pictures don’t look so bad. Okay, so it’s overgrown, but that’s cosmetic.”

“Pictures can hide a multitude of problems. Very expensive ones, and the fact that there are only three pictures total is a red flag, especially since only one shows the house. The other is an aerial. You have no idea what it looks like inside.”

“It’s rustic. It’s a timber home, what could go wrong?”


He had a point. “Well, the thing is still standing.”

“You have no way of really knowing that without going and taking a professional with you to check it out.” Dan leaned against the counter. “Why are you so hell-bent on this idea? You’re good at what you do. You have a good life here. Why the heck would you want to move to the mountains?”