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Hey, y'all! I have so much to share...

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

2019 is off to a wonderful start. I'm so excited about the feedback and reviews for my 2/12 release of The Secret Ingredient from Hallmark.


Being on the Home & Family show is so neat, but having Debbie and Maria bake the cake from the book---AWESOME! I hope you'll try the recipe. It's in the back of the book...or you can download it here.

<--Picture from the set of Hallmark Home & Family (2019).

We're still in the top 100 of Clean & Wholesome books, and all the thanks for that go to y'all! Thank you for your support ~ for buying the books, and telling your friends about them. Keep it up!

Big Booklover Hugs!!

Haven't read it? Pickup your copy now.


Enter to WIN a silly fun prize!

In honor of GRAY...the micro pig in The Secret Ingredient, I'm giving away some wiggly piggly fun

items. A funky key-chain that has a great LED light and oinks too (although I'll be honest it sounds more like a grumpy bark haha) and these adorable piggy ink pens. Not only are they cute, but they are fine point and write lovely! 

Seriously, if one of these arrived in your mailbox you know you would giggle and grin. We all need a little dose of that!



Everyone wants to know the inspiration behind giving my heroine a pet pig in The Secret Ingredient.

Truth be told...while in Vancouver for the filming of Christmas Joy last year a couple of the gals from Crown Media and I were talking about dogs and the rescue pets from Hallmark. Jenn and Kate showed me a picture of a micro pig that paid a visit to their NY office. SOOOO CUTE!! All the gals were snuggling and smooching on him. 

I knew right then and there that my heroine needed a pig as a pet. What I didn't expect was the fun reason she got him, or that his name would be GRAY. If you've read the book you know what G.R.A.Y. stands for. If you haven't ... well get to reading and then you'll know why at the end of the story they rename the pig WHAY.


Did you know?

I create Pinterest boards for each of the books I'm writing. Okay, I make them for all kinds of other stuff, too, but if you're curious about the pictures that inspired me as I wrote any of my books, you can always take a look on Pinterest.

Here's the link to the Pinterest board for THE SECRET INGREDIENT.

Shhh-pssst: There's a new board up for the latest novel I'm working on too. ;) Look for the Pinterest page titled- NEW BOOK 2019.



Sand Dollar Cove has been optioned by Crown Media. 

Hooray!  This North Carolina set novel is a quick read that's as relaxing as a day at the beach. An option means they have bought the rights to make the movie. The script is in progress now, so stay tuned for more information as I get it. 

And..thank you for being a part of my journey!

Without your support, none of this would be happening. 

Until next time...

Hugs and happy reading,


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