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Spooky Halloween Town Sneaks In!


Nancy Naigle here...and if you've read my books, then you know that I don't write scary books. I write sweet and wholesome small-town stories, and that's what I love to read too. A couple of years ago we were going through the final edits on my book Christmas Joy when it came to my attention that we had a problem that needed to be addressed.

Unbeknownst to me, the festive town name that I'd made up for my holiday novel was already famous...for something not so joyful. I'd set my story in the town of Crystal Lake. I pictured a sparkling lake covered in ice surrounded by pretty green pines gently balancing snow on their branches with vibrant cardinals dotting the trees with color.


And then I was told that Crystal Lake was home to Jason, the ever-famous horror flick icon of the Friday the 13th movies.


I had no idea! I'm a serious wimp when it comes to scary stuff, choosing to spend my time watching game shows, Food Network and Hallmark. I am so glad one of the other editors caught that link so I had time to quickly relocate my story to Crystal Falls, where my couple lives happily-ever-after.

CHRISTMAS JOY will air on Hallmark Channel again this year on:

  • Sunday November 10 10:00 AM

  • Thursday November 14 12:00 AM

  • Sunday November 24 8:00 AM

Set your DVRs!

CHRISTMAS JOY is available in trade paperback (pictured here), mass market paperback (above), audio, and all digital formats.

Where can you get your copy today?

Have fun trick-or-treating, and don't let anything spooky sneak up on YOU!


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