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Nancy is represented by 

Steve Laube

The Steve Laube Agency

24 W. Camelback Rd. A-635

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Send correspondence through Steve's assistant at:



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Nancy appreciates your mail, although she can't always respond to each and every response...she reads them all.

Contact Nancy 


Prefer the old fashioned way? Contact Nancy for information or appearance requests via:

PO Box 144

Patrick Springs, VA 24133

Female Presenter

Contact Nancy directly at with a subject header of: SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT to discuss arrangements for your next event. If you're on a budget, please share the budget at the time of the request so Nancy can pull together an option that meets your needs. 

From on-stage arm chair chats and interviews to one-hour long presentations and questions and answer sessions, Nancy is approachable and will engage with your attendees leaving them inspired and uplifted. 


  • From Corporate to Creative

  • Writing Journey - It's different for everyone but they all have one thing in common...that first step.

  • On the movie set – novel adaptations 

  • Life Balance

  • Navigating Grief to Hope and Happiness

  • Embrace Change – One Step at a Time

  • Meet & Greet - welcoming folks to your event and book signing


Or get your book club together and receive the book club kit for that novel along with the opportunity to do something interactive with Nancy too.  


  • The Shell Collector – paint a shell with a quote inside

  • What Remains True – paint a wooden barn quilt ornament

  • Christmas book of choice – Fun Christmas-themed games

  • Keep It Simple, Santa – easy holiday planning ideas, instructions and takeaway

Catch recent online and on-air interview footage below::

Nancy Naigle Speaker & Novelist

Nancy Naigle Speaker & Novelist

Nancy Naigle Speaker & Novelist
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FOX Digital Interview 9/2/2022

FOX Digital Interview 9/2/2022

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60 Shell Collector Sept 1 Digital

60 Shell Collector Sept 1 Digital

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Honey Almond Cake with Berries and Marscapone Crème Fraiche - Home & Family

Honey Almond Cake with Berries and Marscapone Crème Fraiche - Home & Family

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