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10 must-read novels turned into popular Christmas films!

What an honor to have my novel, Christmas Joy, show up on this prestigious with so many of my favorite Christmas movies. It was the first Christmas novel I ever wrote, published by St. Martin's Press on October 16, 2016 and appearing on Hallmark Channel for the first time on 11/3/2018. What a wonderful milestone.

Read the article.

How many of these movies have you seen?

Now how many of the books have you read?

Get that ratio in balance. The book is ALWAYS better!


Merry Christmas

What's your score? 10 for 10?

  • The Polar Express

  • A Timeless Christmas

  • The Greatest Gift (which became It's A Wonderful Life)

  • Little Women

  • Olive, The Other Reindeer

  • Christmas Joy (YIPPEE! What an honor!!) 🎄

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  • In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash (which became A Christmas Story)

  • Skipping Christmas (which became Christmas with the Kranks)

  • A Christmas Carol

Buy a copy of Christmas Joy now!


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