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Tracy March, author of The Marriage Match, and I agree that our book heroes have won our hearts, and they want to win yours, too! Between now and Valentine’s Day, meet the swoony guys who star in our stories—some familiar, some new. We’ll show you why we love ‘em, and where you can find ‘em!

Get to know them all, because they’re going to send a romantic bouquet to one lucky winner—and you’ll want to tell your friends all about the hot heroes who sent you those beautiful blooms!

Here’s how it works.

Daily Chance To Win:

Each day visit both Nancy and Tracy’s blogs, and comment on the daily addition to our hero list. Readers who comment on BOTH will be entered to win a free digital copy of that hero’s book for themselves or to gift to a friend.

Progressive Chance To Win:

Through the Rafflecopter entry on Nancy or Tracy's websites or facebook pages you'll be able to:



--Visit our Author Pages on Facebook

--Sign up for our newsletter and get this month’s BuzzWord

You’ll have lots of chances to win (you can even pin or tweet daily to increase your chances) depending on how often and which ways you decide to participate. The winner of the romantic bouquet from our heroes will be selected from Rafflecopter entries.


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