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Your Hero for Thursday, February 5th

FB Hero Garrett STAS.jpg

Sweet Tea and Secrets ~ I love that scene when Garrett is mowing the lawn at Pearl's house and Jill flounces out all in a hissy fit, but when she sees him again for the first time since their breakup...gulp...

The roar assaulted her ears, but the sight of the man pushing a lawn mower hit like a sucker punch. Low-slung denim hugged a pair of trim hips. He moved away from her at a steady gait, sending grass spitting to the right in a trail of fresh clippings. The softball-sized biceps and muscles in the broad tan shoulders had found a new maturity she didn’t remember, but there was no mistaking—it was Garrett.

If a handsome guy was mowing your lawn...uninvited....and woke you from a dead sleep, would you flounce out and give him the what-for, or whip him up a glass of sweet tea?

**Winner will be notified tomorrow noon EST - come back tomorrow to meet another hero and another chance to win another title from Nancy Naigle or Tracy March.

And enter for more chances to win the grand romantic prize - a bouquet from our heroes. Use the Rafflecopter link below to enter.

Good luck!


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