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A 4th of July excerpt to celebrate!

Happy 4th of July!

I love this holiday. Let freedom ring and everyone celebrate that which so many have fought to win us! I have a 4th of July celebration in Sweet Tea and Secrets - the first book in the Adams Grove Series.

In honor of 4th of July, I thought I'd share just a snippet of the festivities. Hope you enjoy it.

Hugs and happy Independence Day!

May your day sparkle!

*****************SWEET TEA AND SECRETS EXCERPT*******************

Folks picked their spots for the fireworks, and parents quieted impatient children with sparklers. Some children ran aimlessly in circles, others swept the sparklers in the sky, writing their names or making loop-de-loops.

The sun dipped lower.

In the next fifteen minutes or so it would be dark.

Chaz waved as he walked in her direction. “Hey, Jill. I thought that was you when I looked over here earlier. Mind if I join ya’?”

“Wouldn’t be the same without you.” She patted a spot on the blanket.

He took a sparkler out of his back pocket, lit the end, and handed the sizzling stick to her.

“For me? Thanks.” She accepted the sparkly stick, and immediately started writing her name in the air.

“You’re good at that,” teased Chaz.

“Just like riding a bike.” The sparkler began to sputter. “Good thing I have a short name. These sure don’t last as long as they used to.”

Connor walked back up just as the park lights began to shine.

Everyone cheered and whistled. The sound grew louder by the second and for a full minute, the cheering continued. Then, with a thunk, the lights went off and the crowd fell silent. Anticipation filled the air, and except for nervous giggles—everything was quiet.

A moment later, the ssphhhhp of the first rocket soared high into the sky over the lake. Then nothing for a two-count before the silence was broken with a series of aerial repeaters. Pop, pop-pop-pop, snap, pop, followed by a huge glowing red chrysanthemum that illuminated the starry summer night. As the fire began to fade, hundreds of sparkling flickers streamed down like a waterfall, and that was just the beginning.

“Oooooh.” Whizz, ssphhhhp, shwoosh. The next three fireworks went up together and exploded into the sky. They dazzled the crowd in red, white and blue.

“Aaah.” A loud whistler followed by a bright white bouquet of flowering lights drifted so slow it left behind a smoky fog in its trail. From there the show got bigger, faster and higher.

Everyone oohed and ahhed. A loud series of roman candles burst in the sky one after the other, over and over. The reports echoed, jolting everyone by surprise. Locals knew the extravaganza was getting close to the end of the bright display when the high school band began playing God Bless America. Everyone sang along, thankful for the day, the community, and the country they were so lucky to live in. The finale began to burst and pop in the sky above them in time with the music. The last flicker faded with the last note.

Smoke hung heavy in the humid night air. Like magic, the park lights came back on. Everyone was still in awe of the beautiful sight and tired from the events of the day. Like an army of ants, families poured into the parking lot to sit in traffic to get home.

Bugs gathered near the bright lights, starring in a show all their own. Small bats soared through the middle of the bugs, swallowing them up.

Jill stood, trying to burn off the nervous energy building up inside her. What seemed like a perfect plan earlier now left her sad. Pearl should be here. So many things would never be the same.

She half listened to Chaz and Connor as they talked with people they recognized and shared town gossip. Whoever started the rumor that women loved to gossip must’ve been a man, because it was clear the men in this town didn’t miss much.

Jill’s eyes were set on the roped off pyro-technicians area. Only the fire team was allowed back there, and Garrett had been a part of that elite group for years.

I hope your holiday is full of fun, food, family and fireworks.


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