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Treasuring Old Friends

I'm so lucky to have amazing friendships that have lasted over the years. Not because we've done a good job staying we haven't really been. But, true friends can be apart for years and pick right back up where they left off. Now, that is really something special!

I'm excited to be heading to one of my favorite places this week.


For those of you not from the east coast, that short for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I <3 the OBX. In fact, the fictional town in my latest book, SAND DOLLAR COVE, is set right along that coast.

As a Virginia girl, born and raised in Virginia Beach, when the tourists came filing in for the summer we'd all pack up and head south to the outer banks. When I was a teen it was quiet stretches of beach with not too many people or business around. That's all changed now. The Outer Banks are just as snazzy and updated as Virginia Beach these days.

So, I'm packed up and headed to reconnect with two high school girlfriends for a few days at the beach. It's going to be fun to feel 16 again...well except now we're old enough to drink, have all been through divorces. In fact, both of these gals were in my first wedding. We've all been through multiple jobs and we sure won't look nearly as hot as we did back in the day when we stormed the beaches of Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk. Now we'll just be hot (as in sweaty!) hahah.

Just thought I'd take a quick time out to share, and maybe urge you to tickle a memory of friendships old and new. Pick up the phone or shoot an email to someone and brighten up their day with a few old memories.

Hugs and happy July!


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