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Book Giveaway ~ I <3 Book Towns

If you're like me you love to get pulled into a story so much that you find yourself wishing you could vacation in that book town.

In LIFE AFTER PERFECT, Katy and Derek meet in the small town of Boot Creek, North Carolina while the town is hosting its huge blackberry festival. Even though the town is dressed up for the big annual event, it can't hide the charming things like the matchy-matchy scratch paint looking signs. You know the kind I'm talking about. It looks like those drawings you did as a kid where you scribble random crayons all over a big sheet of paper and then wash it with black paint. Then use a coin or pencil to scrape away the black leaving a rainbow of colors in your outlines wake.

Can you just picture the diner, the bakery, the real estate office and groomer side-by-side on Main Street with those cute matching signs above each door? And then there's Naomi's B&B ~ Lonesome Pines. Seriously, I'm ready to spend a week in one of those rooms right now.

If you haven't picked up LIFE AFTER PERFECT...enter to win one of the autographed copies up for grabs on Goodreads now --> goodreads link

I just signed a new contract with Montlake Romance to write two more books tied to Boot Creek. So if you enjoy this one...we can go back together next year.

Hugs and happy reading.

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