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Sweet Tea and Secrets was the very first novel I ever had published. It's been so exciting to be up to thirteen releases and still have exciting news about that book of my heart.

Not only has that title been the engine leading the entire Adams Grove Novels series, but it's out in digital, paperback, and audio. I recently received an award for selling over 100,000 copies of the kindle version of that book and on August 1 -- Sweet Tea and Secrets was released in Library Edition Hard Cover.

There's a new cover for the library edition of Sweet Tea and Secrets too, and it's gorgeous. The beatiful glossy dust jacket is wrapped around a duplicate image on the hardback book. I'm so excited and hope you'll share the news with your local library and book clubs that the series is now more assessible than ever.

Oh! And I almost forgot....the Kindle version is on sale this month. Reg. 3.99 ONLY $1.99

*my books are all available through Kindle Unlimited too.

Thanks for making the Adams Grove novels part of your "to be read" pile.


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