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Giving Thanks!

As Thanksgiving planning and shopping begins I always try to come up with something fun that will be memorable.

I love doing fun little things at the place settings when the whole family gets together. Do you?

Here's a fun project that I posted before...but some are worth highlighting again. Whether your hosting a book club meeting -- or just looking for a fun place-setting for your Thanksgiving dining table, this is an easy project that will get lots of smiles.

It was in a recipe circular from the grocery store chain FOOD LION a few years back. Gobbler Cookies

What you'll need::

  • Nutter Butter Cookies (this will be the body on your turkey)

  • Fudge Stripe Cookies (this makes his pretty tail!)

  • Small Pretzel Knots or Choc Covered Flipz (his feet!)

  • Candy Corn (for the beak)

  • Gummy Worms (for the gobbler!)

  • Almond Slivers (for his spiky hair)

  • Small Choc Chips (for the eyes)

  • and white icing to hold it all together

  • These turned out SOOO cute, but they did take a while to put together.

Here's another adorable and much quicker idea. Use some tulle to create a little hobo knot of M&Ms. The fall colors look prettiest! Then a few well placed pipecleaners and wobbly eyes -- you're done, and your guests have a little sweet treat to take home. GoBbLe * GObBlE

Look at the picture and then get creative!!

Do you have a fun and creative project to share? Please share it here :)


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