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STAGEIT - a cool new way to watch concerts.

What is STAGEIT? Just the coolest new way to meet, interact and listen to your favorite singers!

So easy. You can watch from any device connected to the internet. It's a LIVE show. No pre-recorded stuff, no replays. One and done just like the real thing...only you can wear your pajamas and have a messy bun and no one will ever know.

This concert is a "Pay-What-You-Can" event so it fits every budget that can spare one single dime. little as 10cents for 30-45 minutes of fun....only let's be generous and help this entertainer out! It's hard work!

Go to STAGEIT and sign up - then I'll see you there Sunday. Everyone who attends gets this CD.

Limited Time ~ and Limited Availability SO HURRY and get your ticket to the show NOW.

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