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Hallmark Preview Last Night! <3

Who else stayed up to watch the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas preview last night? I'm so excited about the new movies, although who am I kidding? I don't mind watching all of my old favorites either!

CHRISTMAS IN EVERGREEN Coming 12/2 ~ A small town veterinarian. Puppies. An amazing small town, but she is looking for something beyond the borders of it. I have a sneaky feeling she's going to find everything she's ever been looking for...right there in Evergreen. This clip was the perfect one to start off the preview with last night. It gave me a rush of happy, and as they decorated their Christmas tree...I got that warm holiday feeling.

SWITCHED FOR CHRISTMAS Coming 11/26 ~ with Happy the dog and Candace Cameron Bure (one of my favs!). Oh!! Gingerbread houses. The elusive Greg Turner is a catch!! <3 This one looks really sweet!

CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS coming 11/4 ~ I can smell the pine. Brrr...the weather outside is frightful as this film clip opens at a Christmas tree farm. On a positive note, it's cold enough to keep that pretty ice sculpture frozen. The handsome sone of the owner of the tree farm, Nick, sheepishly says his brother did the sculpture. I think there's more to the story. Can't wait to see this one. Pass the candy canes.

THE SWEETEST CHRISTMAS coming 11/11 ~ with Lacy Chabert and holiday baking...yum! This clip was heartwarming and lighthearted. I loved the tickle of truth LOL Such a fun scene.

CHRISTMAS AT HOLLY LODGE coming 12/3 ~ Innkeeper Sophie doesn't know that there's a handsome someone hiding something, and that someone could put her lodge at risk. I'm going to love this one. What a gorgeous log lodge. Good chemistry right from the first meet-cute!

THE MISTLETOE INN coming 11/23 ~ A writer. Wait! Two writers. Him + Her!

Instant TOP PICK lol. Teeheheh she writes with her white noise machine. He carries a real typewriter around. Ya know...the kind with the clickety clacky keys. Great conflict as these two try to get in the zone and work on their books. Adorable mismatch -- and I smell competition. 🎄 . Tranquil process VS vintage typewriter noise. Arguing under the mistleoe. Uh Oh! How fun is this? I think it will be giggly-good!

THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN coming 11/25 ~ Based on David Baldacci's book. Allstar cast, and this guy is going to take the train all the way from the east coast to the west coast. At the beginning of this clip, he promises he'll be in California on time...somehow I bet he's going to have a time of it. A quirky woman overhears his conversation and says, "It'll all come out on the train. It always does." Oh, wow...a reunion of sorts. The awkward kind. You can feel it from both of them when they collide on assignment. At first practically avoiding that they know each at all. Now they have to work together. This is going to be a great movie!! I love-love-love reunion romances. TOP PICK! Congrats, David Baldacci!

I know all of the holiday programming from Hallmark will be awesome, but these are my TOP PICKS based on the review last night. I hope you'll join me for some virtual pajama parties on FB so we can watch these together! Always more fun with friends.

Stay tuned!

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