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Mouthwatering Ginger Cookies from Dear Santa

Well, not the jolly guy in the bright red suit himself, but from my novel titled Dear Santa that just came in October. Momma Grace used to make these amazing whisper-thin ginger cookies. You won't believe the secret ingredient is...

Oh!! If you've read the book you already know!

Did your mouth absolutely water at the thought of those still warm from the oven? Mine sure did.

I had so much fun writing this book. It's a holiday retelling of You've Got Mail, but it's set in a wonderful coastal town and she owns a Christmas shop located in a decommissioned lighthouse. It's wonderful! I'm ready to live in Pleasant Sands!

I wanted to share the recipe from the story with you.

It's a free download on my website. Here's the link!

Hugs and happy holiday reading~


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