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It's the season of miracles. This winter I hope you'll make some time to read and relax, and I'd love to recommend a book for you.

It's not one of my novels that has been a Hallmark movie, but rather one that is set in a wonderful small mountain town in North Carolina that I think you'll really love. It's the perfect time to read it this holiday season, because this May I have a new book set in that same small town of Antler Creek. Hopefully, one day soon we'll announce that this will be a movie too. Keep those fingers crossed!

So, even if you've read this book in the past, I hope you'll pick up Christmas Angels again and fall in love all over again with the town, and the lodge Angels Rest, and all the wonderful residents. Krissy is in for new things in WHAT REMAINS TRUE coming this May, along with some new folks I just know you're going to cheer for.

Read Christmas Angels today.

Then, preorder WHAT REMAINS TRUE.

Here's the back cover copy of WHAT REMAINS TRUE.

An uplifting novel about new beginnings disguised as failed plans and the joy of falling in love all over again, from USA Today bestselling author Nancy Naigle.

Merry Anna Foster just moved to Antler Creek, North Carolina. It's not a forever move, just a little sabbatical following an ugly divorce that destroyed her self-confidence. A three-month bet with her freeloading ex-husband, intended to prove she can live on less, has Merry Anna shedding her high-expense, demanding lifestyle to live simply. Now she has just two goals: win the wager and say "yes" to new opportunities. Soon she finds herself renting a small place in town, working in a gift shop on Main Street, and loving every minute of her low-key, no-major-responsibility life.

Adam Lockwood is the most eligible bachelor in town, but that doesn't mean he's available. The rodeo-loving owner of the Antler Creek Feed Mill is laser-focused on his goals, and they don't include settling down...yet. He is curious about the quiet woman who just arrived in town, though. There's an immediate spark between them, almost as if they'd known each other before.

But not long into their new friendship, Adam is unexpectedly thrust into solo parenting his young daughter he's never met, leaving Merry Anna questioning his motives—while struggling with her own growing attraction toward him. To complicate things further, Merry's ex-husband shows up and desperately tries to reconcile their relationship. Merry Anna must trust her restored confidence and follow her heart to make a choice. And she may end up surprising everyone—including herself.

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