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Fresh & Yummy Summer Pico de Gallo Recipe

Hey, friends. One of the things I love most about summer is all the fresh produce!

I have a teensy garden this year with some tomatoes big and cherry, peppers, and a strawberry plant, but my neighbor has been so generous with his and I'm so thankful for that!

Here's a summer favorite of mine. I hope you'll enjoy it.


The secret to great pico is to make it up and then let all those flavors and juices marry over night. I love using this with chips, or as a sauce over chicken or fish. You can even change it up a little by adding peaches or pineapple for a fruity version.


Tomatoes, diced

Onion (sweet or red), diced

Jalapeno Peppers, deseed and cut into small pieces


Lime, a good squeeze

Garlic, I prefer the fresh garlic crushed and cut tiny

Salt and pepper to taste

Splash of coconut or olive oil

This is definitely one of those "use how much you've got" kind of recipes.

You'll end up with 1/2 of your bowl with tomatoes and the other half a split between onion and jalapeno peppers. When you toss it up it should look like a lovely confetti.

Then add in cilantro, I usually just take a nice bunch of fresh and chop it up, but you can use the dried kind. It'll soften right up in the juices. Then stir in your garlic and a few twists of pepper and shake or two of salt.

I've found just adding a little splash of oil helps get the marrying process going and gives it a little more texture when you're stirring it all together and mixing the flavors.

Experiment with the right heat for your family, and if you're not a fan of hot stuff some pretty mild red, yellow or orange peppers look pretty and still taste great.


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