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How Can I Help My Favorite Author?

Anyone can write a book, but for an author to be able to make a living, they have to sell books. Here are some super easy ways you can help support your favorite authors.

  • Sign up for your favorite authors newsletter. It's FREE, and you'll be the first to hear about news. Social media is nice, but the author has no control over that technology. Sometimes accounts get frozen or deleted and we can lose all contact. Play it safe and connect directly through the newsletter. It's usually right on the first page of the author's website. You can sign up for mine at

  • Follow your favorite author on Amazon. This builds their author ranking which helps get their books in front of new readers. You can find any author's Amazon page by looking up one of their books and clicking on their name. It will take you right to a page that will give you their bio, the latest releases, a list of all their books and even other author's that you might like similar to that one. Good stuff, right? Nancy's Amazon author page.

  • Preorder new books. You'll get the best price, it helps the rankings, and sends a message to the publisher that there are readers waiting for the next book. We appreciate your purchase no matter where you shop, and in whatever format you like best.

  • Follow your favorite author on Goodreads. While you're there, add their books to your bookshelf and leave a review. It's never too late to leave a review. They are always appreciated. Nancy's Goodreads page.

  • Leave honest book reviews. There are lots of places to leave a review. Here are the most powerful sites that will help others find the books too.


Barnes & Noble



If you're a digital reader you can also leave reviews on Kobo, iBooks and GooglePlay and Audible will allow you to leave a review too.

  • Call your local library and see if they shelf your favorite author. If they don't, suggest your favorite titles, or the next release.

  • Contact your local independent bookstore to see if they've got the latest novel on the shelf, or the next one ordered. You can always pre-order through your local indie bookseller. They are usually more than happy to place that order for you. It helps the author and that store.

  • Simply, tell a friend. Word of mouth is still the best, by far, advertiser. Your friends trust your judgement. They will probably enjoy the same types of books you do.

  • Gift a copy of your favorite book to a friend, or a whole group of friends and plan a dinner together to discuss it.

  • Some readers are hesitant to write reviews. That's okay. If you can't write one, then you can always go out and read the other reviews people have posted and LIKE the ones you agree with. That's a big help.

  • Ask your favorite author to send bookmarks so you can share them at work or when you visit the bank, doctor's office, anywhere you strike up conversations. Be sure to specify how many you need. Most will happily send them. You may need to send a Self-address stamped envelope, but that's easy enough :)

  • Reshare posts on your favorite social media platforms.

  • Forward the author's newsletter to people who might enjoy the books, or even the giveaways in this month's edition.

  • Leave an old copy of one your favorite author's books in a Little Free Library and write a note to tuck inside it. Sharing is caring!

  • Post a picture of your copy of the book somewhere and tag the author.

  • Comment on your favorite author's posts on social media. Even a simple LIKE on the post or a comment helps keep them circulating.

Nothing makes an author happier than knowing that their work has touched a heart or tickled a memory.

Every little thing you do is appreciated! Thank you.


Hugs and happy reading,


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