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National Grief Awareness Day

This is something I feel very strongly about. I've accepted it as a purpose in my life. I lost my husband in 2014 to a short battle with cancer. Until then I hadn't experienced much personal loss in my life. I'd been fortunate, but no one will escape grief in their lifetime. Yet, even with all the knowledge and wisdom of those around us who've suffered great loss...grief remains one of the most difficult things we have to handle.

From my experience came this novel of hope, THE SHELL COLLECTOR. It's my goal to help those who are going through or have grieved to find this book comforting and a reminder of all those little things that matter. For those yet to experience that type of loss, I hope this work of fiction nestles in their heart and in the back of their minds and when they need it ... this story will provide a roadmap to comfort and hope to help them navigate the journey more gracefully.

The Shell Collector was inspired by my loss and a true-story of a friend of our family who once found shells with scriptures written in them on the beach. It's so very special to me. If you know someone that could use this kind of hope, please share it with them. It's an enjoyable heartfelt small town read. Yes, their is grief, but more importantly there is friendship, hope and trust.

You can read the first chapter right now for free at but if you're in the midst of this journey I direct you to the devotional I wrote for YouVersion first. Navigating Grief to Hope and Happiness at It's FREE and I pray it will soothe your heart as you lean in and embrace your new future.

With love,


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