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Remember that adorable lost puppy commercial?

I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I do love Budweiser® commercials. From the amazing Clydesdales to those frolicking freaky frogs their television spots have made me laugh and cry. I'm sure I'm not the only one who watches the Super Bowl just to see what they'll come up with next! But my all-time favorites are the Puppy Love and Lost Puppy commercials. Airing during the Super Bowl in 2014 and 2015 that handsome hardworking horseman, and his sweet little pup have played on my mind for years. Five years to be specific!

As an author that means that idea was bound to become a tiny gem that might turn into a book one day. I'm excited to share that finally next Tuesday the book inspired by those commercials will debut.

Full disclosure, there are no Clydesdales in this book, but my hunky hero does raise and train Percheron horses--an equally beautiful draft breed. I chose the latter because there’s a local Percheron farm near me here in North Carolina, so why not give those shiny black horses a little claim to fame too?

This story is set against a rural backdrop where the townsfolk are as colorful as the shiny ornaments on the giant town Christmas tree. This is more than your average romance because I’m treating you to not only one love story, but two.

Go order your copy right now so you’ll have this in your hands on release day morning.

If you preorder a copy, there’s extra bonus content waiting for you at:

Hugs and happy reading,


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