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Sweetest Cover Reveal!

Hey friends,

This isn't a brand new book, but you are going to love this cover reveal.

Here's the story. The Secret Ingredient was released back in 2019 with Hallmark Publishing. Sadly, the imprint shuttered its doors a couple of years ago, but thankfully I got the rights back to the story so I could republish it.

Huge thanks to Harpeth Road Press for re-releasing this lovely story, also a Hallmark movie, with this beautiful cover, and a new recipe. It's also at a lower price-point so if you passed on the paperback back's a good time to get it now. It's also available under the KindleUnlimited program and the audio book is coming soon.

If you've only seen the movie, I hope you'll grab the book. There are several other story threads not in the movie that I think you'll absolutely love. Who knows...we may go back to Bailey's Fork soon. ;)

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Hugs and happy reading,


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