• Nancy Naigle

The art of Glassblowing

Hey, y'all!

Nancy here. If you've known me for a while, then you might remember that I had the opportunity to learn how to blow glass when I vacationed in Alaska the summer after Mike passed away. In fact, it was on my birthday. It was such an awesome experience that I wrote a glass blowing hero into my 2017 novel ~ UNTIL TOMORROW.

Glassblowing is a very physical art form. The heat from the fire, the molten glass, just lifting that long tube out of the fire to the table and rolling it. All of it takes quite a bit of effort. As the artist helped me through the steps I remember thinking--I even said it out loud!-- that it was like that part in the movie Ghost with the pottery.

The act of creating something from nature's gifts truly left me in awe.

I love how my publisher integrated the brilliant colors of blown glass into the cover too -- something that probably I only noticed. I bet you notice now!

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Imagine my delight when I got the chance to use my glass blowing experience again recently as I novelized the third Christmas in Evergreen movie for Hallmark.

Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy

That series of movies and novels is so special. I hope there will be more stories set in Evergreen. It's a delight to write about such a picturesque and magical town. I am so honored to be the voice of those movies, translating the visual product into novel format. It's no easy task because the movies are so beautifully done and I want to do them justice. It was fun to write about glassblowing again though. It made me want to