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Hard cover mystery that starts with a historical by Beth Adams and ends with a contemporary twist by Nancy Naigle.


Burnt Chimney, VA  is book #15 of the romantic series Love’s A Mystery

In 1891…Desperate to save her family’s Virginia farm from foreclosure, Nannie Starkey converts an old cabin into a store. But the rich land is in the path of the proposed new railroad spur to Lynchburg, and the Turner family is determined to get that line built. When Nannie’s store burns one night, and a cuff link owned by Everett Turner is found in the ashes, Nannie sets out to prove that Everett was behind the fire, while Everett is determined to clear his name. As they end up working side by side to solve the mystery, will they find that love has sparked between them?


Today... Camron Carter lives alone on his dairy farm, dedicated to continuing his family’s legacy at the expense of his personal life. But as he mourns the recent loss of his mentor and friend, Camron himself may be more lost than he realizes. When he is reunited with a beautiful woman who turns out to be


Eliana Turner, the freckle-faced childhood friend who moved away, the search for the truth behind a precious trinket from Eliana’s past links them together. If they can open their hearts to God and each other, they may just discover a bond stronger than either could have dreamed.


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Love's A Mystery - Burnt Chimney


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