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There are so many wonderful books out this Spring!
So many to choose from! What an awesome problem to have! Take the quiz!
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I've gathered up some of my favorite writer friends with new books coming out so we could all celebrate together. We love bringing you beautiful stories, and we know it's not easy to select what to read next...but we have a solution. A quick quiz to match our books to your mood today!

Not required, but if you like you can include your email to be included in our weekly drawing of one of our new books.... or just take the quiz for fun. You can take it up to four times over the next two months.


Each week we will select a winner from all the quiz results to draw for a copy of a book and the winners will be listed right here:

  • AUTHOR                             BOOK                                         WINNER WILL BE SELECTED

  • Audrey Schuyler Lancho.  Seven Days at Mannerley                 05/21/24.  Cyndi Newlan

  • Jenny Hale                        The Golden Hour                               05/28/24.  Barbara DeLorenzis

  • Savannah Carlisle             The Library of Second Chances        06/04/24.  Pepper Pascal

  • Sheila Roberts                   The Best Life Book Club                    06/11/24

  • Nancy Naigle                     The Law of Attraction                         06/18/24

  • Pepper Basham                 Loyally, Luke                                      06/25/24

  • Lindsay Gibson                  Fly Away Summer                              07/02/24

  • Sasha Summers                 Home To Her Cowboy                       07/09/24

  • Leigh Duncan                     Save The Dance                               07/16/24

  • Teri Wilson                          Dog Days of Summer                        07/23/24

Behind the story and novel adaptation with Nancy Naigle about her bestselling novel THE SHELL COLLECTOR.
Now streaming on FOXNation.

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