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COMING JUNE 27th, 2023
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During the coziness of sweater weather in the mountains of Virginia two people find love against all odds.
Reeling after falling prey to a Romeo con-artist who just waltzed away with the better part of her belongings, Natalie Maynard works closely with the detective assigned to her case, only the few leads have led nowhere.

Detective Randy Fellowes can’t promise Natalie restitution, but he’s determined to find the culprit and serve up justice. Married to his work, he’s caught off guard when Natalie has his thoughts wandering to more than the case.

Natalie soon seeks refuge in the one thing she still owns ― an old fishing cabin in the mountains of Chestnut Ridge. She quickly falls in love with the town and the eccentric people who are teaching her so much about the area and its heritage.

Through these people, and the determination of Detective Fellowes, she rediscovers her courage, self, and a reason to risk love again.
If you were shocked by The Tinder Swindler, left shaking your head over Reinventing Anna, then wait until you read AND THEN THERE WAS YOU.  It happens more than you think.
Behind the story and novel adaptation with Nancy Naigle about her bestselling novel THE SHELL COLLECTOR.
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