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Frequently Asked Questions


When's your next book coming out?

January 19, 2019

  • The Secret Ingredient ~ A Valentine's Day novel centered around a baking competition from Hallmark Publishing.

June 2019

  • TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON - Stay tuned




October 2019

  • Christmas Angels ~ A holiday novel from St. Martin's Press.

  • Dear Santa in mass market paperback.

You can always look at my calendar here on the website to see what's coming out ~ and on the front page of my website I like to keep you posted with what's in the immediate future - releases, movies, sales etc.

You can also join my newsletter. That's probably the best way to be sure you get every cool bit of news before anyone else.


Can I get an autographed copy of your book?


You sure can! I'd be happy to ship you an autographed copy. 

Contact me at, for pricing and details.


I am also happy to do AUTHORGRAPHs for your digital copies too. 


I <3 your books. How can I help spread the word?


Thanks for asking!

  1. I try to keep whatever is currently being promoted up to date under the MORE FUN STUFF tab on this website. Samples of tweets and images you can use to help share news about releases with your friends.

  2. I'm also happy to share bookmarks and swag for you to give out to your friends or book club members...just ask!

  3. Reviews are SO helpful and they don't have to be fancy. Just leave your honest thoughts on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads ~ wherever so that others know that you enjoyed my books.

  4. Post pictures of you with my books. It's a fun and easy way to spread the word.

  5. Tweet, Retweet, share on facebook, and tell your friends!

If you'd like me to join you at an event in your town, please contact me via email with all of the details. I do my best to get out and meet readers through conferences and reader luncheons.

Contact me at ..

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