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New Book Cover Coming This Week!

I'm so excited!

St. Martin's Press will reveal the book cover for my novel coming December 6, 2022

this week.

I couldn't resist giving you a little snippet of information and although I promised to wait for the cover reveal I wanted to at least share the beautiful color palette!


Desperate to save her failing marriage, a woman agrees to everything, even a mastiff-mix puppy, only to have her husband leave her for the owner of a teacup yorkie he met at puppy school.

When she and that growing-by-the-minute pup move out and start anew she stumbles into a family going through their own trials and a man who no longer believes in love.

These two wounded hearts are brought together by chance, and held together by hope.

You're going to love this story of love, loss, forgiveness and community.

Old tobacco barns and buildings have been renovated and bringing new purpose as The Wedding Ranch. Run by twins with a vision to transform other peoples dreams into a thriving business, The Wedding Ranch is becoming the place where great things happen.

Hearts are brought together by chance, and held together by hope.


Isn't the color palette fresh and eye-catching! In December when the books are all red, green, gold and white I think it'll stand out like the special jewell that it is.

Keep an eye out on social media and on my website for the full cover reveal this week! I think you're going to love it.


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